All Their Voices

Words and thoughts in devotion to the Divine

And Only the Dance

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I dance the dance of defending:
old traditions
new traditions
wild cultures crushed beneath the heel
of a monoculture dedicated to grinding out
any spark of piety reverence truth
those fighting minds may know:
the poor the weak the old
the young the disabled the different
gay and trans, mentally ill,
illiterate, the dying:
all worth less than dogspit
in this cesspit of a society we live in.

I dance the dance of making:
joyous fire kindling the sweet smoke of incense
libations poured out, wine splashing the feet of the gods
wet clay shaped with deft fingers to show their faces
the scent of beeswax as we dip candles for offerings
voices raised in ecstatic song—
all we create for the Gods.

I dance the dance of sundering:
breaking chains
breaking laws
casting aside unjust ideas
stomping the bones of the Only True Way into the dust
because we know the only true way
is respect and love and trust
in those Who made us
and each of us dances that dance differently.

I dance the dance of ordeal:
poverty misery suffering violence
agony ostracization madness deprivation
all things we suffer when we stand
tall and proud and brave for our gods,
refusing to turn away from Them
refusing to accept the god of the usurpers
refusing to deny the existence of Those
whose power and might take our breath away.
may we find bravery in our knowledge
may we know courage in our experience
may we have the strength to stand strong
against those who would break us hurt us kill us
because we see with unveiled eyes.

I dance:
feet pounding
hands slapping thighs
hair whirling
sweat beading on brow
heart pounding like hammer on anvil

I dance:
eyes fierce
teeth bared
lips a snarl
fists clenched
voice raw with emotion

I dance:
this soul this fire
this grief this pain
this vigor this ecstasy
this love all-encompassing:

I am Your tool. Use me as you will.


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