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Hymn to Epona

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Hymn to Epona

Graceful and brilliant Epona,

Lady who dances like the wind,

sure-footed and swift,

whose children were the wealth

of nobles, warriors, and kings,

we praise You for Your beauty,

Your agility, Your speed.

In times of old Your name

was on the lips of all,

and Your prayers echoed across the land,

ecstatic with reverence and awe toward You.

The thunder of hooves along the roads

that linked city to city, land to land,

was a drumbeat that sang out Your name,

and now, too, as we see the horses galloping

over moor and field and plain,

too do we cry out our thanks for Your gifts

and Your majesty, Your wisdom,

and the four-footed friends

You have seen fit to give us.

O Epona, long will the ages remember You,

and Your name will resound down from yesteryear

through today and long into the future.

Hail Epona!


One thought on “Hymn to Epona

  1. Ha Epona. Beautiful. Love it.

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