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The Alfar

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No prancing point-winged pastel pixies, we!
But warriors of the land, both wild and free!
With sword and spear, we fight at Volund’s side,
And with bright Freyr’s forces we shall ride.
There is no jotun, ettin, wyrm, or troll
That comes away from battle with us whole;
Of our halls’ hospitality, skalds sing;
Our mead is fit for hero, Aes, or king.
Across the farthest borders we can see
Our foes as endless as the ocean’s tide
And ready as the spider’s jaws, we bide
To scythe them all away for Hela’s fee.
Our fighters number as the blades of grass:
And while we stand, no foe shall ever pass.


One thought on “The Alfar

  1. So many Alfar vibes lately! 🙂 Thank you for this!

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