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Words and thoughts in devotion to the Divine

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Poseidon’s Touch

Fingers of foam creep in as I stand,

Lifting my face to the wind;

Around me scuttle hermit crabs,

Wearing the dead husks of others,

Their homes on their backs.

My toes dig into the pale gold sand,

And I lift my eyes to the horizon;

Everything I can see from where I am,

You hold in Your embrace;

For sheer size and power, nothing can match You;

30% land, 70% water,

and how much of that water is ocean?

Drowner, Earthshaker, I acknowledge Your power,

And think back to that moment when I

Stepped far enough down the beach

That You could reach out and touch my feet,

And I, in turn, could revel in the notion

That I was dancing in the heart of a god.

Thank you for that moment;

I long to return,

And once again pour out wine to You,

Letting that liquid mingle with all that You are—

Salt-sea blood, the deep blue waves that are Your body,

The spray and winds that are Your breath,

And once more feel myself humbled

By the immensity of Your power.