All Their Voices

Words and thoughts in devotion to the Divine

For the Kybele of Ordu, Recently Uncovered

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waiting in the darkness


broken beauty buried

hidden and forgotten

but you are still there

all this time, still there,

just waiting for them to lift the stone

that sealed the temple


when the foreigners came

smashing you down with their empire

slaughtering your people


your marble is dirty

and cracked

and parts of you are missing

but you are no less lovely

for all that

and no less powerful, either

one look from that fierce gaze

enough to turn someone else to stone

just like you

and the hand that lays open on your lap

could just as easily bereave

as exalt


Kybele, Kybele,

they prayed to you for prosperity, fertility

they begged for your blessings

and though those who once called your name with joy

are gone now,

you will find no shortage of those

all too willing

to take their place


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