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Words and thoughts in devotion to the Divine

Prayer for Freyr

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Hail, Freyr, Lord of Life!

King of riches, antler-wielder,

who traded away his sword for love!

Lord of the Alfar,

he who bestows fertility,

who leads the fields to plenty every Autumn,

I greet you with delight!

You whose gifts are without number,

who gives them without let,

I sing my thanks to you,

I sing my praise of you,

I sing of all things good and golden

that come to us from your hands.

Wheat, ale, fruit, mead, gold–

all things that enrich life with their greatness

come to us from you.

You lead us to love,

your blessings bring children,

and in the end,

we know long, joyous lives thanks to you.

All praise to you, golden Freyr,

Lord of all riches,

King of Joy:

May we ever return your gifts with gratitude,

and reap the bounty you sow

until the end of our days.


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