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Words and thoughts in devotion to the Divine

Prayer to Lugh

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Many-skilled lord, Lugh of the Long Arm,

I ask you to guide my hands

as I set out today on this project;

share your courage with me, I pray you,

as I start something new.

Show me the way to make a difference,

to help those around me,

drawing upon your example to build a future,

to fight evil,

to connect with my fellows,

and to defend those who are oppressed.

Lugh Lámfada, Lugh Samildanach,

let me grow in the number and sort of skills I learn,

let the reach of my principles’ and actions be long,

let me always keep you in mind as I go about the day,

and let my deeds never bring shame upon you

as I strive to emulate you

and make you proud.


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