All Their Voices

Words and thoughts in devotion to the Divine


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This, then, is what I have given all of You:

All my words—the beautiful, the ugly, the sublime;

All the ways of stitching them together:

The awkward, the graceful, the singing;

All I think about, with a few small exceptions:

(My family, the spirits, the land and its sovereignty,

its well-being, and the last tiny dregs of things that make me smile.)


Once upon a time, I wrote nothing of the gods,

and all my words were of worldly things.

These days, I can write only of the gods,

(and my ancestors, and the spirits, and the land),

and nothing of worldly matters at all.

This, then, is my sacrifice to You:

For a very long time now, You have had my life;

Now, I give you my heart.


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