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Deity for August

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According to the impressions I’ve gotten, and confirming those through divination, the deity for August will be Brân.

I don’t have much interaction with the Welsh gods at all. I did a poem for Blodeuwedd some time back, and another for Rhiannon, and I’ve done a lot of research on Manawydan back a few months, when I was writing so many poems for Manannan; I also recently re-read the different translations I have of the Mabinogion (I have the Gantz, the Sioned Davies, the Jones and Jones, and the Ford) because I was getting a LOT of hints that I was supposed to be paying more attention to the Welsh deities. I wanted to refamiliarize myself with the stories of Gwydion, Lleu, Dylan, Math, Arawn, Pwyll, and Arianrhod.

The hunter on the hill, then.


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