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Words and thoughts in devotion to the Divine

Progress, and the next subject in the god-a-month-poem project

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Currently working on the poem for Flidais. What I have so far is long and descriptive, but disorganized. I have several different forms of poetry I usually choose among: stories the gods tell me about themselves or an event they took part in; devotional prayers; praise poems; and very rarely, unstructured chaotic works that most closely resemble the work of T. S. Eliot (who is as close to a personal poetic patron saint as I have). This poem, however, can’t decide yet what it wants to be, which is why, I suspect, it wanders. Once I have it firmly in my head, it’ll all snap into place and flow like wine. Right now, out of those formats, it hews most closely to the praise poems — long, descriptive invocations of her beauty and her grace.

The candidate for the next poem has presented Himself to me; He’ll be the subject for March’s poem (or for the poem for the second half of February, if I finish Flidais’ poem before the month is half over). The Gaulish gods have been doing a lot of tapping on my shoulder of late; the only deity from that region I’ve written work for is Cernunnos, and the gods and goddesses that were worshiped by my ancestors from France, before that area was converted to Christianity, have entered my life rather late, and want to make up for lost time.

So, the next poem will be about…



I’ve already started on the research, and later today (since I’m off work today), I’ll be lighting some incense, pouring Him a libation, and sitting down in my temple, hoping He’ll talk with me.


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