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Freya’s Refusal

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Perhaps Thor was careless,

Misplacing that which was most precious and most dear to him.

Regrettable, dangerous, alarming,

but what came next

was insulting in what he proposed.

The news echoed ’round Asgard:

Thyrm had taken Mjolnir,

nor would he return it to the Thunderer

unless you were given to the giant-king in marriage–

the worst sort of extortion.

All the men of Asgard simply expected you to concede,

offering up the treasure of your golden self

to the prison of a giant’s bed

in return for Asgard’s safety.

You rightly set them straight:

never would you surrender

to repair the damage that

Thor’s carelessness had caused,

and if he expected differently,

he could don a dress and veil,

and go wed and bed the conniving thief himself.


One thought on “Freya’s Refusal

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